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Our Menu

We are known for our delicious Burgers! We make 600 lbs of Burgers a week and our Burgers are ¾ of a pound!


*Call ahead so we can make sure your Lunch is ready when you get here!*

Must Be 21 or Older

Our Menu

Jeff's Starting Line-Up

Make any appetizer a basket by adding krinkle-cut fries or sweet potato fries for 2.00

6.00Jalapeño Poppers

Jalapeño peppers stuffed with Wisconsin cheddar cheeseor cream cheese. Served with spicy raspberry inferno sauce.

Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy delicious sweet potatoes with a touch of vanilla and sugary sweetness.

Small 2.00 | Large 3.50

Krinkle-Cut Fries

Golden brown and perfect anytime!

Small 2.00 | Large 3.50

Onion Petals

Crispy battered onion petals served with spicy dipping sauce.

Small 4.00 | Large 7.00

9.50Appetizer Sampler

Broccoli bites, cheese sticks, jalapeño poppers, onion petals and krinkle-cut French fries.

Loaded Nachos

Creamy nacho cheese layered with taco beef, black olives, lettuce, sweet cherry tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream and salsa.

Half Order 6.50 | Full Order 11.00

6.50Cheese Sticks

Creamy mozzarella cheese breaded and served with marinara sauce.

8.00Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled chicken and creamy cheese melted in a tortilla. Served with salsa and sour cream.

Cheese Quesadilla 6.00

6.50Chicken Tenders

Savory breaded chicken tenders served with BBQ or honey mustard dipping sauce.

5.50Broccoli Cheddar Bites

Creamy cheddar and broccoli coated in a crispy batter and deep fried. Served with ranch dressing.

4.50Pretzel Sticks

Soft pretzel sticks served with spicy or honey mustard.

Add Cheese Sauce For 1.00

Seafood Starters

Make any appetizer a basket by adding krinkle-cut fries or sweet potato fries for 2.00

Crab Balls

Bridgeville favorite made with lump crab meat.

Half Dozen 9.50 | Dozen 16.00

8.00Shrimp Jammers

Butterflied shrimp topped with real cheddar cheese and coated with a seasoned breading.

9.50Steamed Clams

One pound of tender littleneck clams served with melted butter.

9.50Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Tender scallop medallions wrapped in bacon.

9.00Rockfish & Chips

Flavorful beer battered rockfish and golden fried. Served with homemade tartar sauce.

13.00Seafood Sampler

Our homemade crab-balls, shrimp jammers, clam strips and krinkle-cut fries.

Breaded Oysters

Fried oysters with cocktail.

Six For 5.75 | Twelve For 9.5

9.00Butterfly Breaded Shrimp

Served with cocktail sauce and fries.

Steamed Shrimp

Peel and eat Gulf shrimp seasoned with Old Bay.

Half Pound 9.50 | Pound 16.00

8.00Super Clam Strips

A half pound of breaded, tender clam meat lightly deep fried. Served Buffalo style or regular.

Mussels With Butter

1 lb. 8.5 | 2 lbs. 15

Taproom Famous Wings

Boneless Or Bone-In

Choose boneless chicken chunks (breaded or unbreaded) or bone-in wings, your sauce, and the number of wings you think you can handle! Served with blue cheese or ranch dressing and celery. For Extra Celery or Dressing Add 0.50

Wing Sauces:

Hot | Mild | Sweet Baby Ray's | JD's BBQ | Sweet Teriyaki | Sriracha | Lemon Pepper | Eagle Wings Chesapeake Sauce | Thai Chili

How many can you handle?!

9.50Eight Bone-In

17.50Sixteen Bone-In

9.50Ten Boneless

17.50Twenty Boneless

11.00Eastern Shore Wing Combo

Our “Taproom Famous” wings paired with our homemade crab-balls.

Fresh Soups & Salads

4.50Tossed Salad

Iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

With Grilled Or Fried Chicken 8.50

8.50Chef's Salad

Our tossed salad topped with ham, turkey and cheese.

10.50Suzie's Specialty Salad

Tossed salad topped with hamburger, cheesesteak or chicken steak and provolone cheese.

6.50French Onion Soup

A crock-full of flavor. Onion broth and Italian bread topped with creamy provolone cheese.

Soup Of The Day

Fresh from the kitchen soup that is sure to warm you up.

Cup 3.50 | Bowl 5.00

Cream Of Crab

Our house made recipe that people travel for!

Cup 5.50 | Bowl 7.50

Jeff's Favorite Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with chips.
Substitute Krinkle-Cut Fries Or Sweet Potato Fries For 2.00

8.50Chicken Cordon Bleu Ciabatta

Grilled chicken topped with ham and melted Swiss served on a toasted ciabatta roll.

7.50Grilled Chicken Sandwich

A marinated and grilled chicken breast served on a corn dusted Kaiser roll.

Cheese Steak

Made to order! Beef or chicken steak meat and melted cheese on a toasted Italian roll.

Small 9.00 | Large 10.00

7.50Chicken Fajita Wrap

Seasoned and grilled chicken breast served in a honey wheat or flavored wrap.

9.50Crab Po' Boy

Our famous crab balls served on a crusty Italian roll and topped with homemade tartar sauce.

7.50Bacon, Ham & Swiss Ciabatta

Ham and bacon topped with melted Swiss cheese on a ciabatta roll.

7.50JD's BBQ Pork

Shredded pork smothered in JD's BBQ sauce and served on a corn dusted Kaiser roll.

8.00Grilled Chicken Ciabatta

Sliced chicken breast topped with melted provolone cheese on a ciabatta roll.

11.50Big Ass Fish Sandwich

A huge, 10 oz. portion of white and flaky haddock dipped in an England style pub batter and served on a sub roll.

G's Ham Sub

Ham or turkey on an Milano roll and served with your choice of toppings.

Small 7.50 | Large 9.50

9.50The Home Wrecker

Huge sweet Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onion on a crusty Italian roll.


Classic Reuben made with choice of corned beef or Turkey

Jeff's Flatbread Pizzas

Cheese 7.00 | Pepperoni 7.50 | Cheesesteak 8.50


All served with chips. Substitute krinkle-cut fries or sweet potato fries for 2.00. Add bacon to any panini for 1.00

8.75Italian Panini

8.75Ham Panini

8.75Southwest Chicken Paninni

8.75Chicken Panini

8.75Cheesesteak Panini

8.75Turkey & Swiss Panini

Slider Baskets

All sliders are served on a potato slammer roll. Slider baskets served with two sandwiches and krinkle-cut fries.
Substitute Sweet Potato Fries For 2.00


Jeff's famous cheeseburger mini-style!!

7.50Rockfish Sliders

Beer-battered rockfish. Served with tartar sauce.

6.50Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

Beef or chicken steak, melted provolone cheese, fried onions and green peppers.

6.50JD's BBQ Pork Sliders

Shredded pork smothered in JD's BBQ.

6.50Chicken Mini-Sliders

Grilled or fried chicken breast.

7.50Crab-Ball Sliders

Served with cocktail or tartar sauce.

Delmarva's Best Burgers

Our fresh ground 12 oz. chuck burgers are hand-pattied daily and served with chips.
Substitute Krinkle-Cut Fries Or Sweet Potato Fries For 2.00
Pretzel Roll, Texas Toast Or Ciabatta Roll Is An Awesome Addition To Any Burger For 1.00

9.00Jeff's Famous Cheeseburger

Everyone's favorite! Topped with your choice of American, Swiss, pepper jack or provolone. Served on a corn dusted Kaiser roll.

16.00Double Cheeseburger

9.50Bacon Cheeseburger

Jeff's famous cheeseburger topped with bacon.

9.50Bacon Hickory Burger

Smothered with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce and topped with crispy bacon.

9.50Mushroom Swiss Burger

Smothered with sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.

10.00Grilled Cheeseburger

Why just have an ordinary roll?! Two pieces of Texas Toast and cheese make this burger an overstuffed grilled cheese!

9.50Bleu Burger

Topped with chunky bleu cheese dressing.

9.50Jalapeño Burger

Pepper jack cheese, jalapeños and grilled onions.

9.50Slaw Burger

Topped with choice of cheese and cool and creamy coleslaw

9.50Biker Burger

Grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, bacon and pepper jack cheese on a bad ass beef patty.

9.50Cordon Bleu Burger

Sliced ham, Swiss cheese and Dijon mustard.

9.50Jeff's Firehouse Burger

Jalepeños, sriracha and pepper jack cheese

9.50Brown Sugar & Bacon Burger

9.50Pizza Burger

Pizza sauce, pepperoni and provolone cheese

24.00Jeff's Big Ass Burger Challenge

THREE of Jeff's Famous Cheeseburgers, stacked between TWO Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and then covered in a HALF POUND of fried onion petals, pickles, lettuce and tomato and ketchup. Served with an entire POUND of krinkle-cut fries.

That's a total of over 4 lbs of Burger Goodness.

Take on the challenge:
Participants must eat all of the food (and keep it down), including fries, in 30 minutes. If the challenge is completed within the given time, the BIG ASS Burger is on the house. Winner also receives a special Burger Challenge T-Shirt and their picture on our wall of fame.

**Rules Waiver must be signed before start of challenge.

Items & Prices Are Subject to Change